Texas Holdem Strategy – Top Starting Hands


Certainly one of the primary problems I encountered when I first got into texas hold em’ was figuring out what cards to play in what Ranking. Often I would get burned to a hand that I thought was a good starting hand. Come to find out they were good hands, just not in the career I had been playing these from. Here is a pretty basic collection of what type of hands to play with and what position it is suitable to play with them in. Bear in your mind this graph doesn’t factor in raises or matches.

Play From Any Position

Play Mid to Late Position

66 55 KT QJ QT JT

Play in Late Position Simply

A9 A8 A7 K-9 K8 Q9 J9 J 8 T9 T8 98 9-7

If you’re just beginning to play Mpo11 poker, playing these hands at the recommended positions may help you always take a safe position before the flop. As your game progresses, you will have the ability to incorporate more hands to this list and understand just how to play them in specific situations. If you’re only beginning to play cards, I’d suggest playing for nickels and dimes at home or even to get free at an internet poker site. Poker sites are nice because you get to see many more hands per hour than you can in home. Some goods web sites to play free are UltimateBet and PartyPoker.com. In the event that you would like to combine follow the link in my bio for added signup bonuses. Bear in mind, the further you exercise at anything, the better you’re getting.


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